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  • 5 Strategies to Cut down on Clutter

    5 Strategies to Cut down on Clutter

    Tweet 5 Strategies to Get Rid of Clutter 1) One-In One-Out Rule This one has never worked with any success for me, but many swear by it. Basically if you bring in a new pair of shoes into the home, an old pair of shoes […]

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  • Organize Gadgets in your Bag

    Organize Gadgets in your Bag

    Tweet Want. Grid-It! by Cocoon Innovations is an organizer that has a weave of elastic bands in various sizes to keep the contents of your bag neat and tidy. It’s extremely versatile with multiple configurations to secure your phone, wallet, SD cards, pens, compact camera, […]

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  • Hoarders


    Tweet Do you ever watch the show Hoarders? It is people who I feel are on the other side of extreme minimalism. They keep everything from empty bottles of shampoo to plastic bags. It is really nothing I’ve ever experienced before, although I have some […]

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  • The Little Girl Who Has Everything

    The Little Girl Who Has Everything

    Tweet I think the picture says it all. You can click on it to make it larger… Note: I never said what the picture says to me as a minimalist. I let you come to your own conclusions. 🙂 So please, no mean comments directed […]

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  • The #1 way clutter can cost you money

    Tweet The biggest reason is that it is easy to misplace things. If I am not organized with my files and a clutter bug, I could potentially misplace any of the following: cheques bills bank statements cash It costs me money in paying interest fees […]

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