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  • Everyone should visit China

    Tweet Disclamer: This is obviously my own personal opinion, but I really felt strongly about China when I was there, so read at your own discretion. I am not posting this to change the world, to make a political statement or what have you. I […]

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  • Asia 2011: Roundup of the trip

    Asia 2011: Roundup of the trip

    Tweet For your convenience, here are all of my posts from both of my blogs about my trip to Asia for 5 weeks (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore) BUDGET & NOTES Visual overview of my Trip to Asia (Sneak Preview) The Cost and Budget […]

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  • Singapore – Buildings and Other

    Tweet My last post on Singapore! I found the country very beautiful, albeit a bit sterile for my liking. It didn’t really feel like people were really living their lives to the fullest and being very happy unless they were filthy rich. There was something […]

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  • Singapore – Food – Part Two

    Tweet I didn’t totally hate everything I ate in Singapore. I had a few favourites, and I stuck to them. Namely, satay, which I rather liked. The rest — chili crab and so on, were misses for me. We also went to a seafood restaurant […]

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  • Singapore – Food – Part 1

    Tweet Cooking in a hotel room is our thing. We didn’t have to really do it in Hong Kong (but it was hard NOT to with all the fresh food), but everywhere else? Yes. If not, we’d be out a lot more money by having […]

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