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  • Forget about buying clothes or items…

    Forget about buying clothes or items…

    Tweet Just make them out of wire. And when you’re sick of the garment, untwist the wire and make something else. I just can’t guarantee how comfortable they’d be. 😉 Wire Sculpture by Karen Searle: “Essence Installation Detail, Jacket, Dress; Crocheted and hand-manipulated steel wire; […]

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  • Are you a Happy Victim?

    Are you a Happy Victim?

    Tweet Came across the amazing work of Kyoichi Tsuzuki who has photographed Generation X Tokyoites in Japan who have been obsessed with a brand or designer. Apartments in Japan are generally pretty small compared to what you can find in North America and their homes […]

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  • Blend into your surroundings

    Blend into your surroundings

    Tweet Minimalism at its finest? There is absolutely no extra visual clutter, when these installations are done! Liu Bolin blends into his surroundings with each art installation taking up to 10 hours of painstaking work. This one is my FAVOURITE. I couldn’t even see him […]

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  • A minimalist’s shoe

    A minimalist’s shoe

    Tweet Apparently when you put your foot on it and stand up, your foot spreads out and it is an actual shoe. Shown from Toe to Heel. Via Gizmodo

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  • Waste not, Want not by Song Dong at the MoMA

    Tweet If this doesn’t make you want to de-clutter and organize, nothing will. Beijing-based artist Song Dong (b. 1966) explores notions of transience…[…]. A collaboration first conceived of with the artist’s mother, the installation consists of the complete contents of her home, amassed over fifty […]

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