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  • Beautiful graffiti I’d welcome with my arms wide open!

    Beautiful graffiti I’d welcome with my arms wide open!

    Tweet I do find urban graffiti beautiful as well (some of it is incredible), but this 3D, textural take on graffiti takes the cake! Newspaper butterflies flying up and around a fake lamp. It’s such a wonderful idea for even in a home. Something urban […]

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  • Minimalist Art: From 1 sheet of paper

    Tweet Love this! See more here.

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  • Ursus Wehrli — Art of the Cleanup

    Tweet   By Ursus Wehrli. Quite striking and sort of appeals to my slight OCD nature (but if you’ve seen me nest while working on a project, you’d think I was the opposite of OCD).       You can see a lot more of […]

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  • How to make art out of food

    Tweet I’ve always been fascinated with food as art. I am not talking just about a beautifully presented plate where the radishes are carved into little fairies, but when artists look at food and make beautiful pieces out of them. Or even Japanese cuisine, which […]

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  • Cigarette Ash Landscape Collage

    Tweet “Yan Yongliang has turned a collection of black and white photographs and formed a collage mimicking cigarette ash. The ash itself mimics a city scape, and the photographs are all architectural.” Via Selectism

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