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  • Can you live in a hotel?

    Tweet The short answer? Yes. Yes you can. The long answer? You have to be organized to make sure you have everything you need. THERE IS NO REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN APARTMENT AND A HOTEL …only that you’re paying so much more at a hotel, […]

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  • Should you Rent or Buy?

    Tweet I’m a die-hard lover of renting. With how many times we travel to different cities for work, if we had a home in one city, we’d be royally screwed financially every time we aren’t in our ‘home city’. But not taking into account that […]

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  • A Minimalist’s Piece of Art

    Tweet As you all know, I am really not a fan of decoration. I don’t like little statues, knickknacks or anything I have to think about packing gently, dusting or not knocking over with my clumsy and awkward body movements (yes, I actually bump into […]

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  • Extreme, EXTREME small space living

    Extreme, EXTREME small space living

    Tweet HEY! WANT TO ASK ME SOMETHING? I just set up my Everyday Minimalist Formspring account (nervously and with trepidation), so you can ask me questions Anonymously. *points to the top* You will see the link under FAQ on the top if you want to […]

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  • Where I will be for the rest of the year

    Where I will be for the rest of the year

    Tweet Quick shots of the hotel before I swept in with my stuff and dropped it everywhere. I use the second bed as my “wardrobe” area to lay my clothes flat. I also use the other bed as my “filing area” because it’s so big, […]

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