Stop Judging Others’ Lifestyle Choices

It can be easy to be judgmental of others’ lifestyle choices. I know: Sometimes I find myself judging those around me for what they find important.

However, part of letting go of what others think about you and living life on your terms is also not judging others for the lifestyle choices they make.

We All Have Different Priorities

The first thing to remember is that we all have different priorities. What’s important to me might not be important to you, and vice versa. My husband and I have a Prius, but that doesn’t mean our choice is more “right” than the choice the neighbors made to buy a truck. My husband commutes to work, and likes the gas-efficiency of the Prius. Our neighbor hauls stuff a lot, so the truck works for him.

Our different car choices reflect our lifestyles and our priorities. The same is true of other lifestyle choices. I enjoy meditating, but it’s something that I know a lot people don’t really like. Does that mean they are less enlightened than I am? No. They just have other preferences and priorities.

Before you look at someone else’s lifestyle choices and start judging them, think about your own choices and priorities. I get a lot of flack sometimes for how much I like to eat at nice restaurants. However, good food is something that I really enjoy, so my husband and I choose to spend our money on that experience, and we spend our grocery money on foods that we like as well, which are often more expensive than our neighbors’ grocery choices.

However, we cut back in other areas that aren’t as important to us. One of my neighbors would rather have designer clothes than the best in organic food. And that’s fine. That’s her priority. Judging others for their different priorities only promotes negativity, and can hold you back from truly enjoying your own preferred lifestyle.

You Don’t Know All the Circumstances

Another good reason not to judge others’ lifestyle choices is that you might not know all of the circumstances. Many of us end up doing things because we have to, for one reason or another. Misfortune may force someone’s hand for a short period of time. Perhaps the other person isn’t even aware of the opportunities available.

In any cases, few of us actually know the whole story behind someone else’s situation. Judging another’s choices based on incomplete information is even worse than judging even if you do think you know all the facts.

The reality is that we can all only do our best with whatever we have. Life’s too short to worry about others’ lifestyle choices. Instead, you are better served by focusing on living the life you want to live, and doing what you can to make life better for those within your sphere of influence. Rather than judge, work on improving yourself, and then work on helping others. You’ll feel more contented, and you won’t have to worry about whether everyone else is doing what they “should” be doing.

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