Six Ways Technology Helps Me Apply Minimalist Principles

One of the things I’ve noticed about technology is that it has great potential for helping me apply minimalist principles to my life. In fact, technology has helped me reduce the clutter in my home and has made it easier for me to travel — and potentially move when/if the time comes.

Here are six areas that technology has helped me apply minimalist principles to my home and my life:

1. Entertainment and Recreation

The Kindle has been an amazing way for me to improve my minimalist living. I’ve donated more than half my books since buying the Kindle, and I almost never buy hardcopies of books. The Kindle makes it easy for me to read without consuming more resources, and I don’t have to find a place for all of my books.

Other entertainment and recreation is also made possible with the help of technology. I store and watch movies on my computer. I’m also a big fan of streaming services for TV/movies and for music. I don’t have to buy CDs and DVDs/Blu-ray discs anymore. This reduces clutter, and my resource use.

2. Reduction in Paper Clutter

Technology has been great for helping me reduce the paper clutter in my home. Most of my financial statements are delivered electronically. I pay most of my bills online, or via automatic debit. I’ve also started using Finovera, an app that allows me to reduce paper clutter. I can keep everything in one place, without too much trouble. This reduction in paper clutter has been very helpful for helping me maintain a comfortable home.

3. Managing My Schedule

While I still have a notebook I use for managing my freelance clients, I’ve reduced the amount of calendars in my home with the help of my smartphone. It’s much easier to keep track of appointments with my smartphone. Plus, not only has it helped reduce the clutter in my home, but the clutter in my life has been reduced. Using my smartphone to schedule, and syncing it with my husband’s schedule and other items has actually helped me say no to more things. Being able to look at the situation immediately, and be confronted with the realities of what’s happening, has helped me reduce the amount of “busy-ness” in my life.

4. Fewer Gadgets

It used to be that you needed a music player, a book, a phone, a camera, and any number of other gadgets to make things work. However, thanks to advances in technology, you can do more with less. My phone is my camera and my music player. And, while I still have the Kindle for heavier reading, the Kindle app on my phone is great for light reading and short trips. This keeps things simple when I pack, and reduces the electronic devices laying about the house.

5. Pictures

No more photo albums all over the place. I just keep the most important photos on my phone, and keep the others on Facebook and backed up on cloud storage. Relatives can see the images on Facebook, so there is no need to develop photos (except for a couple of great-grandmas).

6. Food

From deciding where to eat when we go out, to finding the right recipe, technology takes care of most of my food needs without the clutter. We spend less time discussing options; just pull out the Urbanspoon app and get suggestions. When cooking at home, it’s easy to find good recipes online, without the need for bulky cookbooks.

How does technology help you apply minimalist principles in your life?

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