Schools Around the World

schools around the world

On October 5th, it was the World Teacher’s Day. I’m not really aware of what’s going on for other countries’ education program, but it is quite hard these days here. Government has made many controversial budget cuts in education, which leads to many discussions, debates, and protests as well.

I won’t go into the debate on these cuts here, but I must admit education is very important to me. Education is the key to so many problems, including health issues. I also had a very positive experience at school. School was easy for me, but I needed some framing in order to stay focus and go further. I had great teachers who kept me busy and pushed me further. As the years went by, I got implicated and involved in many activities at school, engagement that I didn’t regret. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am. Period.

I’m going back on this because I just came accross Reuters’ images of Schools Around the World that were released on that day. I find them very interesting. It does put things in perspective and brings a new look on our own schools, for good or bad! 😉



Here are a couple points that caught my attention throughout the pictures.


Boys Over Girls

For a woman like myself who has been born and raised in a society where women’s rights are – supposedly – equal to men’s, it is shocking to realize it’s still not the case in so many countries. I don’t put blame on parents in these countries who surely do their best, but it’s sad to see that the future is still brighter for boys than for girls in many societies. Going to school, these boys surely have higher chances to succeed.


Number of Students

There seems to be a lot of variation towards the number of students in a class. We tend to see that poorer countries have more students in their classes. Probably because of the lack of resources. However, it looks like it can be the exact opposite, as school is a luxury for many.

In more developed countries, this number still varies a lot. I’ve noticed that classrooms tend to be less filled up in private schools (my own deduction because of uniforms). For that matter, less seems to be more. Meaning students surely get more attention and resources if they are less numerous.


Outside Classrooms

Living in a country with four seasons, it is funny yet very interesting to see some classrooms being outside. It sure isn’t a choice for many as schools structures are non existent or insufficient in many countries, but I admire the courage and the perseverance of these teachers that pulled it through anyways. I especially admire the afghan girls one since we all know what this country went through.

I’m also wondering what would be the advantages for students here to experiment such “classrooms” more.


Religious Believes

When I was attending school, we had the Catholic Cross in every classroom. We now offer a secular education. Some would say for good, others for bad. I must admit seeing young students having religious schools is now awkward for me.


What About You? Anything Special That Caught You?

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