Saturday Project: Have Fun

Smiling Girl Biker

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Was it longer than you care to remember?

Have you been filling up your date book with crammed social outings, birthdays, volunteering, and everything for everyone else but yourself?

Today’s Saturday Project is to have fun.

Take the whole day off or schedule a day in, for next weekend to let yourself do what you want.

Note: I am not talking about going out and spending up a $1000 storm on a shopping spree to indulge yourself unnecessarily. There is never an excuse to neglect your finances, and if you cannot afford it, buying items is not the solution.

I’m talking about thinking of different ways to make yourself happier by really choosing to do what you need, that will make you more relaxed.

Maybe it’s just waking up an hour later and staying in your pajamas all day. Or finally taking that bike ride to the park, that you’ve been meaning to.

How about going to the farmer’s market and spending the day planning out an elaborate meal? And then you can call a good friend to come over and share the meal you’ve prepared. Or spend the day with them.

If you are going to get shopping and getting errands done, slow it down, take your time & don’t fuss deadlines and rushing through the pleasure of shopping because you have to be somewhere at 1 p.m. to meet someone for lunch. Say NO to everything today, and say YES to what you actually want to do.

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