Revisit: My Current Apartment

David from Simple, Organized Life asked about pictures of my apartment.

Some of you long-time readers from Fabulously Broke in the City will have already seen this but here goes:

The Tour of my Studio!

Walking in, this is what our front hall way looks like.

The front closet is actually my clothing closet.

Here’s my closet, in the front closet.

My clothes are on the far right. BF took the other side.

Note: This was all taken before winter. My heavy jacket and stuff are out right now, so there’s less space in the closet.

Kitchen to your right…

And just above the right side, near the sink area, there’s a bar top counter where we keep all of our fruits and veggies.

This really frees up a TON of space on our dining room table.

On the other side is our other walk-in storage area with a fridge (don’t ask) and more shelves, plus a little storage room (straight ahead).

Here’s the storage closet in the walk-in storage area.

The walk in storage area also leads into the bathroom on the right.

We don’t have towels in there because we hang it up in the walk-in storage area

I love the little cubby thing that goes across. All my potions and lotions are hidden in there, as well as BF’s electric razor.

Heading out of there completely, you are immediately in the dining/office room area..

(see? clear, empty table! It’s great.)

.. and the view from the other side is where we sleep on our futon, and our “bedside” is the floor space beside the bed.

I am clearly the side with the teddy bear. 🙂

That rack on the side also turned into a electronics station.

We have our folders for our companies, our mini netbooks, BF’s Macbook that he uses occasionally, and an iPod is set up in the middle of the two speakers (not pictured) that we use as a music center.

Printer is below, with items we have to scan, plus blank paper.

And below that, is more files, and our hard drives in cases.

That’s it!

Small eh? But we love it. We don’t feel cramped at all, it feels cosy and spacious at the same time.


Well, the big things are that we don’t own a TV, and therefore don’t have a couch, nor do we have much furniture. Our dining room is also our office, and our bedroom is also our living room.

I think that when people say “I need a bigger home”, what they should be saying is “I need to re-think what I have, and maybe pare down”.

There are a lot of homes I’ve been to, where I just.. feel so cramped and cluttered, and the space was triple or four times the size of what I was living in!

There is just too much STUFF everywhere in people’s homes, and as I drift deeper and deeper into a minimalist lifestyle, I am noticing all of it in great detail.

Stuff on the walls, dysfunctional pieces of furniture that aren’t useful, everything in a mess, boxes stacked up to the ceiling….

I prefer the white, open space of what is otherwise a small studio.


In our other apartment, we had space for guests. That was nice.

But to be honest, how many people really visit us each year?

I’d say we get less than one visit a year, because people just don’t have the time to come to and chill for vacation when they could be in Vegas or NYC instead.

Sad, but true. I sometimes use food as an incentive to visit me…. and it only worked on my sister!

But seriously, having a guest room is nice, but it’s a luxury, and not really needed. If we get guests, we’ll get a Japanese folding panel or something, and put it up in the middle of the room, and set up a second futon on the other side as a bed.

And since guests are supposed to be temporary visitors anyway, this will be a nice way to get them to understand that they can’t overstay their welcome. 😛

However, if you ARE a family that hosts a lot.. by all means, a guest room is a MUST HAVE for you.

But for us? Not so much. Kind of a waste.

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