Review: The Joy of Less by Francine Jay (Miss Minimalist)

Did you know today is Boxing Day in Canada? It’s the Black Friday of the States. A huge day of crazed shopping and searching out for deals. For instance, Banana Republic has 50% off their clothing today and I can guarantee people are going to be pushing and shoving….

What does this all mean to a minimalist? It means I am staying in, staying put and REFUSING to get stuck in crowds of crazed shoppers downtown, snapping up holiday “deals”.

I don’t need anything badly enough to get into a fight over.

All right! On to the review.

Miss Minimalist (Francine Jay) sent me a copy goodness knows when (eons ago, it seems) of her book The Joy of Less.

When I first got it in the mail, BF spotted it on the table and hogged it for 2 months, reading bits and pieces.

I finally got my hands on it after he devoured it, and I’ve JUST finished reading it.

Long story short: It’s a great minimalist primer for anyone who is thinking of dipping their toes into it.

Truthfully (because I’m all about truth), it is not targeted towards people who are already minimalists such as BF and myself, so I cannot say that I learned something new. I can see that a lot of what Francine has written, is basically what I do in my day-to-day living, so as a beginner’s guide to minimalism, the book does the trick.

My favourite parts are when she touches a bit on the philosophical aspect of Why Minimalism (here are my reasons why), and I really appreciated her thought process in breaking it down bit by bit. BF would have liked her to get more philosophical, but he understands that not everyone is really into those kinds of abstract concepts.

I liked that it had a guide of how to do it step by step. It wasn’t just a vague: Hey you have too much junk. Get rid of it!, it actually helped you think about it and to slowly de-clutter. It was more of a guide that really told you WHAT TO DO, which I think, a lot of new minimalists need to read and hear.

What the book covers:

Part One is all about inspiration.
The quotes, stories, and exercises in this section help you develop a minimalist mindset—making it much easier to let your excess stuff go, and keep new stuff from coming in the door.
Part Two outlines the STREAMLINE method:
Ten sure-fire techniques to rid your house of clutter, and keep it that way.
These steps are my “secret weapon” for achieving, and maintaining, a minimalist home—and I’m so thrilled to finally share them!
Part Three shows you how to give each room in your house a minimalist makeover.
Each chapter tackles a different room: living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen/dining room, bathroom, and storage spaces (garage, attic, and basement).
There’s also a whole chapter on creating a minimalist wardrobe, and another one dealing with gifts, heirlooms, and sentimental items.
Part Four takes this minimalist philosophy beyond the house.
In this section, you’ll learn how to declutter your schedule, and reclaim your time as you did your space.
You’ll also discover the far-reaching benefits of living lightly and gracefully on the Earth, and see how saving space in your closets can help save the planet.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and re-affirming the things I do in my life based on similar principles.
Francine did an awesome job and I congratulate her on a book well written.
It’s no secret why it’s a #1 seller on Amazon 🙂


I will be giving away my copy to Pay it Forward in a contest coming up. Stay tuned!

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