Review: AwesomeNotes Application for the iPod Touch 4th Generation 64GB

AWESOME NOTES by BRIDWORKS ($3.99 CAD which is $4.51 CAD after taxes)

Currently, I am using AwesomeNotes to handle my To Do, Memos and Scratch Pad/Notes.

This is working out beautifully because I love the application, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty and full of colours.

It syncs with Google Documents and Evernote, and you can Backup the information by hitting “Backup” and downloading the Restored Backup file from an IP address they give you in the iTouch.


There were other contenders:

  • SimpleNotes: Too simple for all my categories & memos
  • Bento: Too complicated and ugly, but has a desktop application
  • MomoNote: Syncs online but not on a desktop; seems too simple
  • ReQuall: Syncs online; very internet-needy, seeing as I have an iTouch this won’t work
  • Evernote: Syncs online — PARANOIAAAAA (Don’t like very sensitive data in an online app)
  • Remember The Milk: $25/year? No thanks.

And a whole host of others I can’t remember. The two I singled out were SimpleNotes and AwesomeNotes.

I had weeded out any application that had to sync with data online or have an online account, cost money, and didn’t have categories/folders, or extra password protection that could be set by folders.

Awesome Notes had:

  • No online data syncing if you didn’t want it (it does sync to Evernote/GoogleDocs)
  • Folders
  • Password protection on individual folders and in general
  • Backup & Restore option
  • Great customization (background, layout of the memoes/tasks)
  • Colours and Icons
  • Scratch Pad / Notepad
  • Prettiness Factor

The only thing major that is missing is not having a desktop application to access (I would pay extra for that software!).

I really don’t want my data floating around in some cloud online in the hands of others, and I’d like it physically backed up on a hard drive somewhere.



I can type out some fast memos or I can “write” with my finger, depending on what you prefer.


These are all organized into folders and you can change the colours of the folders (I love this!) and set icons to it, along with customizing the name.

For what I can show you, I’ll show you the application folder on my actual iPod Touch.

For others, I’m taking stock photos from their site.

  • To Do: What I have to get done (hit the icon on the left to turn it into a “Task”)
  • Appointments: I could throw this into iCal but I prefer it being here
  • Grocery List: What I need to buy this week for Food and for what recipes
  • Shopping List: What I need to buy
  • Want List: What I’d like to buy, someday or never 😛

  • Ideas: Post ideas, mostly
  • Recipes: All of the recipes I’ve tried/liked, with pictures set in a Photo Thumbnail

  • Logins/Cards: Passwords and card numbers
  • Work Account: Logins for work and all the different projects/clients
  • Banking: Information on my accounts

  • Government: Driver’s license, Passport and so on
  • General Info: My miscellaneous folder where it holds my Travel Packing Lists
  • Medical: Medications, expiry dates, health notes and reminders
  • FB/EM: My two blogs’ information and notes
  • Travel: Planning an upcoming trip to each city, so I’m making travel notes

  • Reading: Books I’d like to read
  • TV: Tracking the TV shows I watch for when they’re out on DVD
  • Movies: Movies I’d like to watch
  • Music: Songs I’d like to listen to again and/or download


You can also set it up to be in any data layout you want:

  • Thumbnails (Post-It-like design)
  • List (I use this the most often, it’s a simple list)
  • To Do (Simple tasks that organize by date and you can stick a checkbox to it)
  • Detail (Like a List but with a couple of lines of the Memo)
  • Diary (Combines the tasks into a calendar-like view based on when you created the Task)
  • Photo (With picture thumbnails, awesome for Recipes and my Want List)

And you can choose a different fonts and background for your notes but I tend to keep a simple Helvetica yellow one, because I hate visual clutter.

Other minor things are you can change the orientation to landscape if you want.

Verdict? FOUR STARS!

I’m taking off a full star because…

  • No desktop sync software option (I’d gladly pay to see my notes on my PC or Macbook but to not have to store my data online)
  • Can’t back up my data with just a cable to save a file on my computer, I have to use Wi-Fi
  • No sync to iCalendar on my iTouch, which means I have a separate iCalendar from my To Do List

Update: I’ve made a mini calendar of sorts in a folder called Appointments where I put in each line for each appointment I have, and notes on it, changed the layout to Calendar view so I can see it pop up and it works fine.

Not perfect, but it’s better than I had originally expected.

I still leave that whole star off because I can’t sync or backup my files to my actual computer without a Wi-Fi connecting.

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