Returning to Meditation for Productivity and Health

The last few months have been very hectic for me. As a result, I’ve been finding excuses not to meditate. Most of the excuses revolve around being “too busy” to make the time. However, as I’ve reviewed my productivity and my health the last few months, I realize that it’s time to get back to the meditation. I need to make time for meditation each day — just like I used to do.

meditation and health

Productivity and Meditation

One of the biggest reasons that I want to reinstate my meditation practice has to do with productivity. I have few goals this year, in terms of improving myself and getting work done. I keep my goals limited because I like to work on big things in small chunks, breaking down things down into manageable steps. One of the things I realized as I considered the coming year and reviewed the last few months, was that I could improve my efforts to reach my goals by using meditation as one of my means to the ends. And, in fact, meditation will help me with all my goals.

My main career/income goal is to diversify my income streams. Making time to do this means that I need to be more productive in the way I use my time. Meditation helps focus my mind. Those who meditate find it easier to focus, and to focus more intensely. Mindfulness also comes with meditation, and that can also be a big help when it comes to productivity. As a result, adding meditation back into my daily routine is likely to help me improve productivity.

Having better productivity and focus will also help me work on my goals of personal self improvement and writing. Meditation is an important part of opening my creativity, sharpening my focus, and feeling mentally well.

Health and Meditation

Meditation can also help with different aspects of my health. Studies indicate that meditation can help with physical health by reducing blood pressure and helping in other ways. If you have anxiety, meditation can help you relax and calm that anxiety, so there are mental and emotional aspects of meditation. I also help that meditation will aid in self reflection and help me balance contentment in my life, and be a better person overall. There are times that I don’t take good care of myself, and I can feel the negative effects of being in such a state. Getting beyond that state should help my mental, physical, and emotional health.

Meditation has a number of benefits that go beyond anything metaphysical (although many people use meditation in spiritual practice as well). I like the way I feel when a meditate regularly. In fact, when I incorporate meditation into my schedule, I am more likely to schedule more effectively, and keep up with other positive aspects of my life, such as eating better and exercising. Meditation helps me stay focused and motivated, and those benefits spill over into all aspects of my life.

Do you receive benefits from meditation? What are they?

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