Renegade Museums Adventures in the Bay Area


The San Francisco Bay Area is the perfect hotspot of culture, history, and unique experiences. With the amount of fun things to do in the area, it can often be difficult and overwhelming to pick one! If you’re on the hunt for a unique, high-energy activity, check out Museum Hack.

Museum Hack is a unique museum tour company that hosts fun and fast-paced museum adventures across the country. Don’t let the words “museum tour” scare you. The tours are designed for people who don’t like museums, so they’re packed full of energy, games, and juicy stories.

In San Francisco, Museum Hack’s tours are held at de Young, which is host to a plethora of art and artifacts, from ancient to modern. This is what makes it such a perfect location for tours that uncover salacious gossip and strange historical facts. You’ll laugh, take selfies with the art, and uncover the most interesting stuff the de Young has to offer.



Museum Hack Tours at the de Young:

Un-Highlights Tour: Being one of the most visited art museums west of the Mississippi, the de Young is the perfect scene for Museum Hack’s Un-Highlights tour.  The Un-Highlights tour is high-energy and will keep you entertained while showing you some seriously cool art with mind-blowing stories.

Badass Bitches Tour: If you think the amount of female artists on display in museums is few and far between, you’re not alone. This is why Museum Hack developed the Badass Bitches tour. This tour gathers up the coolest stories and facts about female artists and subjects in the de Young.

Beta Tours: Beta Tours are designed for Museum Hack to test out new guides and new tours! Museum Hack recently hosted a murder mystery in the museum beta tour.

VIP Tour: The premiere museum experience at the de Young, complete with wine. A great option for date night or a night out with a group of friends.

Elements of a Museum Hack Tour


  • SELFIES (with the art of course)
  • Games and competitions involving the art
  • High energy fun!
  • Passionate tour guides who love what they are talking about


Museum Hack has also transformed their awesome museum experiences into custom team building adventures in San Francisco.  Companies come to Museum Hack to get help creating awesome and exciting team building events that their staff will love.  Museum Hack will work alongside your company to plan a customized tour based on your company history or goals.  You can select a one of Museum Hack’s already planned tours or they’ll customize an experience for your team.

If you live in the Bay Area, don’t forget to check out Museum Hack the next time you’re looking for something different to do! These exciting and adventurous museum adventures are a perfect option for anyone trying to find unique fun in San Francisco. You don’t have to love art or museums – you just have to be open to having a great time. Since Museum Hack tours are made for people who don’t like museums, it’s perfect for just about everyone!

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