Remove your seasonal items to make more space

If you don’t have a closet of a movie star or celebrity, but a small, perhaps oddly shaped on, the best thing to do is remove your seasonal items.

Store items such as your heavy winter jackets, wool sweaters, winter boots and other winter wear into boxes.

Before you store items:

  • Make sure they’re clean of stains and sweat
  • Tuck cedar planks in between your items to keep moths away
  • Do a closet purge as you are deciding what to store — perhaps that missing mitten can go?
  • Mark the boxes with a marker or piece of paper, so you don’t waste time finding things

You can also invest in those vacuum bags (they really work!) and suck all the air out of them, so more can stack on top of each other.

Keep in mind however, the WEIGHT does not disappear, so they will be quite heavy to carry if you’ve decided to vacuum pack a lot into one.

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