Quote of the Month: Imagination Will Take You Everywhere

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As a kid, I used my imagination A LOT. Always making up new stories, new games. I had imaginary friends. I was often playing alone, but I never really was by myself! 😉

It is true, however, that most people loses this capacity growing up. The more adult we become, the more we let logic guide us. What if we were all mistaken?

Maybe the whole world would be much different if we all started thinking about solutions with imagination. Let’s not forget that some of the greatest inventions in Human history were created by a crazy idea, a mistake or a failure. Penicillin is one, Potato Chips are another and so is the Pacemaker! Not to mention Fireworks who were created by a cook who mixed dangerous ingredient together and it exploded. And the well-known Corn Flakes! (To learn more about great inventions made by mistake, follow this link!)


Let the imagination speaks out!

What Would You Create if All You Needed Was Imagination?

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