Quote of the Month: I know Nothing

socrates quote

This one is powerful to me. I must admit it shocked me a little. Despite my “young” age, I’ve been through a lot of difficult times in my life and think I’ve learned a lot from them. Sure I don’t know all. Never pretended it either.

Since I’ve read this quote, I’ve challenged myself. Who I am, really, to pretend I know something? Life holds so much. Life is to be discovered. So many things are still unknown or unexplained.

Truth is the beauty of life is in its mystery. We know nothing. Not sure if we ever will too. We don’t even know what the next minute will be made of.

This Socrates’ quote brought a new goal for me: learn something new every single day. To be curious enough to discover something different every day of my life. To try. To fail. To try again. I’m not sure I’ll ever know something. But I’ll make sure to make the journey interesting! 😉


What Do You Know?


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