Quote of The Month: Eleanor Roosevelt

eleanor roosevelt quote

One question to start with:

Which Mind Are You?

Well, to be real honest, I can be the three. Sometimes I’m nothing but a small mind. I sure want to change that. I don’t like seeing myself as a gossip woman…

Although sometimes discussing people can lead to discussing ideas. And maybe this is what I do in a way. Discussing what others said or did are a way to me to challenge my own thoughts, values and ideas. Most of the times, I do that with Mr. My Husband.

Again, discussing events are sometimes necessary to make great changes. Bad or good ideas lead to events. Which in return can be analyzed to determine if it was a bad or good after all!

Still, I’ll now try to discuss the ideas behind events or people from now on. I don’t pretend to be a great mind. But I sure want to be a better version of myself. Eventually, that attitude might lead me to be the BEST version of myself period. Even then, improvement is always possible. Don’t you think?


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