Quote of the Day: Our Patience Will Achieve More than Our Force



A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how having kids won’t change you. Well, it seems that, sometimes, hard efforts turn into results.

This morning, my oldest kid buttoned up his shirt alone, made his bed, and tidied up his bedroom. This morning too, my youngest grabbed his shoes alone, tried to put them on alone, and let me put his sweatshirt on without complaining.

These sound like very simple things. Those who don’t have kids probably think: “Nothing to get amazed by.” Well, actually, it’s extraordinary! Last months’ mornings have been quite hard for me to get through. I had to repeat, explain, breathe, repeat again, give consequences, etc. It was hard sometimes to stay patient and calm, but I think, overall, I managed to do so.

That’s why this morning was a great accomplishment for my boys and I. My patience finally paid off. I didn’t have to repeat or ask multiple times. They did all that by themselves. I was so proud! Every time these little wins happen, it proves to me that I’m on the right path. It proves to me that yes, I will achieve more with patience than with force.

I must admit this lesson didn’t come very natural for me. I have been raised with force so to speak. I have been told to take my place by any mean. Younger, I would speak my mind without thinking about the consequences. I was very impulsive and easily offended. With time, I softened a lot, thought about the person I wanted to be and how I wanted to accomplish things. That is when I started being a lot more calm, patient, and diplomat. All this could also be called maturity, I guess.


Patience is Now a Mantra

In fact, the force of patience is one of the lessons that motherhood has taught me and I can now transpose to many spheres of my life.



If there’s one place where patience pays more than force it’s at work! I left many jobs because I was tired of waiting for what I wanted. I surely don’t regret these choices, but I know there are many things I would handle differently now. A plan can’t be proved wrong if not tested properly and throughout a minimum of time. Also, I would deal with unpleasant coworkers with a lot more maturity. I’d be more focused and wouldn’t get disturbed as much by what surrounds me.



The day I understood what letting go meant, my love relationship became so easy! Letting go is very much related to patience for me. For example, my husband doesn’t do the dishes my way. Before, it pissed me off that he wouldn’t place the plates properly or would forget where the pan was going and just put it anywhere. Now, I use more patience and either let it go – cause it doesn’t really matter in the end – or make jokes about our differences.



I was the impulsive type as I wrote above. Always in a rush you know. I was not a – very -speedy girl, but I would get so impatient about traffic or things I couldn’t control. These last words are so important in the concept of patience. “I can’t control it.” So why get angry? I’m not always the perfect example of peacefulness in such a situation, but I prefer taking advantage of it to admire the landscape, listen to music and sing, think about what I’ll cook later on, or making a mental list of tomorrow’s tasks, for example.



Patience and minimalism combined together result in a very different shopping method! I now plan my purchases. I look for discounts or rebates or wait if I am not satisfied. Just like most kids, my boys grew up real fast. I plan the next season’s clothes purchases for them in advance and it gives me time to shop for a price rather than a necessity.



Perseverance, resilience, focus, work, strength, and yes patience. These are all qualities that turn a goal into an accomplishment. As I wrote last week, success doesn’t come overnight.


Any other sphere in which patience is achieves more than force?

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