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  • Is Money a Good Reason to Turn Minimalist?

    Tweet There are some popular quotes when it comes to minimalism. Like “Less is more”, “Living with less, but only with the best” or “I’m being cheap like a minimalist”. Automatically, many people link minimalism to money. As if it was natural to join them […]

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  • 3 Minimalist Tips to Pet Proof Your Home

    3 Minimalist Tips to Pet Proof Your Home

    Tweet Pets are like toddlers that never make their way out of the curiosity stage. They get into trouble by destroying objects of value, chewing on houseplants that can harm them, and knocking over valuable keepsakes. For some people, the pet dander and hair aggravates […]

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  • The Logistics of Minimalist living

    Tweet The concept of living minimalism is something that sound appealing to many of us (and this has presumably fueled your journey to this blog). In terms of logistics, it’s not always straightforward though. Particularly if you happen to reside in a large house, which […]

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  • Do You Really Need It?

    Tweet When I refer to my minimalist sides, many people tend to confuse them with being cheap. To me it is more a matter of needs. Funny enough, a French-Canadian accountant just wrote a book titled “En as-tu vraiment besoin?” that could be translated as […]

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  • Simple Self-Discipline Can Help your Finances

    Tweet In an ideal world, everyone should look at their income and decide how best to spend it. There are obvious monthly bills and often debts to repay; student loans used to fund further education seem to be part of everyday life. Indeed, many students […]

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