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  • Buying only to replace what you’ve used or worn out

    Tweet I think I’m at this stage now of my things — buying only to replace what has broken. For instance, my first PC from college years is about to die. It shuts off without warning (total black screen blackout), and just won’t keep a […]

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  • Being Replaced By Machines

    Tweet A few decades ago, many thought that in the year 2000, the world would be ran by machines and robots. Is it me or does it feel even though things did not happen quite as fast, we are certainly getting there? Farming is one […]

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  • 5 Activities that Can Reduce Your Stress Level

    Tweet Stress can be a real killer. It doesn’t just cause emotional strain in your life; it can also cause physical problems that lead to health issues. We’re so busy in life, though, that it’s hard slow down a little and focus on bringing down […]

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  • If Plan A doesn’t work…

    Tweet Inspirational. 🙂 People always say Plan A or Plan B but no one gets to Plan C.. Via

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  • Is Giving Away The Solution To Many Of Our Problems?

    Is Giving Away The Solution To Many Of Our Problems?

    Tweet I love this quote. Truly love it. I just feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in this world where we never have enough. How could I give away money when I still have so many different things that are on my […]

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