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  • Jobs where you can DIY… and the ones you really shouldn’t

    Tweet Honing and expanding your DIY skills isn’t just a great way to save money during tough economic times, there’s also that lovely feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes from getting the job done well all by yourself. It’s empowering to feel that little […]

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  • Finding Housing When You’re Down on Your Luck

    Tweet When you’re down on your luck, the entire world can feel like it’s against you. It can be hard to make small decisions, like what to eat in a day or how much gas to put in your car. Even if you have money […]

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  • Downsizing and Saving on Your Move

    Tweet For many years you’ve had your basement, attic, and garage filled with items and furnishings you’ve acquired over the years. Now you’ve decided that you’d like to scale back and take on a more minimalistic lifestyle. You’ve found a smaller home in another state […]

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  • Bucket List of Realistic Dreams

    Tweet So, we’ve all seen it in the movies and read about it in magazines. But have you got one? A Bucket list is simply a list of all the things you would love to do before you die. Crossing them off as you achieve […]

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  • The Minimalist’s Bedroom

    Tweet As we grow older and become more aware of our impact on the earth and in society, minimalism becomes more and more tantalizing. However, when we read up on minimalism we are often overwhelmed by the sheer effort it entails to adopt a minimalist […]

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