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  • Keeping Busy After Retirement

    Tweet So you’ve finally retired. Congratulations! Now what? Do you really want to spend the rest of your days lounging around? Of course not. Here are a few activities you can take up after you retire. Take a Vacation I know what you’re thinking — […]

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  • Who says the Macbook Air can’t do double-duty?

    Tweet Not only is it compact enough to travel with or go to a coffee shop with, it CUTS VEGETABLES… and de-veins shrimp 😉 Note: I don’t recommend doing this with your Macbook Air. This is just for laughs, folks. Via Absolutely Fobulous

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  • Where Does Your City Rank?

    Tweet I always love to look at studies like this. The Economist magazine does a ranking of the best cities in the world to live in. Not all cities are included (obviously) but they start from 150 major cities from all around the world. How […]

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  • How a Nap Can Help You Get Through the Day

    Tweet I’ve been very tired lately. I’ve had a few late nights as I get ready for FinCon, and as I get my book ready for publication. (It’s supposed to come out October 17.) Of course, I have to keep up with all of my […]

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  • Tips on living in a hotel

    Tweet Living in a hotel seems to be a big topic for the blog because it’s unusual so I’ll go over a couple of things I do to keep everything organized. You can also use some of the tips outlined below if you are traveling […]

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