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  • Do You Have to be a Nomad to be a Minimalist?

    Tweet Many people think that minimalism = nomadism. While these two “isms” intersect quite a bit, the reality is that you don’t have to get rid of everything and live out of a backpack to be a minimalist. In fact, for some people, nomadism is […]

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  • Organizing Kids’ Stuff and Stay Organized!

    Tweet It doesn’t take so long once you become parents to accumulate babies and kids’ stuff. Decluttering is of course the first part into getting organized. Toys and clothes that didn’t get used for over 6-12 months (6 months is like eternity into a child’s […]

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  • Minimalist Superheroes and Supervillains

    Minimalist Superheroes and Supervillains

    Tweet Just for laughs, of course. THE HEROES THE VILLAINS Via Geekologie:  here and here.

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  • Children and Technology

    Tweet As a minimalist, technology can be very useful. Instead of piling up books, CDs, DVDs or else, we can keep it all up in one place and have quick access to it. Not to mention with the power offered by small devices – such […]

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  • Finding Time for Meditation When You Travel

    Tweet I love to travel. However, travel tends to put me off my schedule. Everything from when I work to when I eat is turned upside down by travel. Sometimes, it’s hard to find time for meditation when you’re on the go. The good news […]

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