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  • Music from a drycleaners

    Tweet By Diego Stocco. He recorded sounds from a dry cleaner’s equipment and made music out of it. Simple and beautiful! Via Swiss Miss

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  • Quote of the month: Helen Exley

    Quote of the month: Helen Exley


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  • What Do You Do When Your Kids Receive a Financial Windfall?

    Tweet This is the time of year that my son loves. We kick off the holiday season with his birthday at the beginning of November, then we have Thanksgiving, and then it’s Christmas. With all of this holiday goodness happening, my son receives a number […]

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  • Mongolian nomads seeing their photos for the first time

    Tweet This is really a lovely video — the reactions of the nomads seeing their photo for the first time is something very innocent and pure. The photos were taken by teenagers Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe who went to Monglia. “each person photographed really […]

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  • Adding To My Bucket List: Seahawks Home Game

    Adding To My Bucket List: Seahawks Home Game

    Tweet It took me several hours to be able to write down my initial bucket list. I had the vast majority of those ideas in my head but trying to write them down, deciding what would make the cut from what wouldn’t. Now, I try […]

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