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  • How to Eat Healthy without Breaking the Bank

    Tweet One of the things I notice when I got to the store is that, in many cases, it’s cheaper to by pre-packaged, processed foods than it is to buy healthier options. It’s kind of disappointing when you realize that it’s sometimes easier to eat […]

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  • 258 square foot lego-style transforming apartment in Spain

    Tweet This is such an interesting apartment because it employs one of the principles I try to keep for myself in the home — make as many spaces as possible do double duty. The video text says: When Christian Schallert isn’t cooking, dressing, sleeping or […]

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  • Knocking Down 2 Bucket List Items In One Exhilarating and Exhausting Day

    Knocking Down 2 Bucket List Items In One Exhilarating and Exhausting Day

    Tweet Not often will I get the opportunity to cross 2 items off of my bucket list in one day so it’s hard for me to express how amazing yesterday turned out to be. Of course, the odds of both “finishing my first marathon” and […]

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  • Managing Work Flow: How to Minimize Distractions

    Tweet One of the keys to productivity is minimizing distractions. Distractedness makes it difficult to stay on task, and to accomplish what you want to get done. If you want to get more done, it’s usually a good idea to identify your distractions, and then […]

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  • Music from a drycleaners

    Tweet By Diego Stocco. He recorded sounds from a dry cleaner’s equipment and made music out of it. Simple and beautiful! Via Swiss Miss

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