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  • Another Minimalist Wallet: The Fold

    Another Minimalist Wallet: The Fold

    Tweet Simple and brilliant. Only cons: Doesn’t hold coins — I don’t normally have pockets in my clothes, being that designers NEVER give women pockets in fear of adding bulk to their hips Doesn’t hold cards A money clip could be even more minimalist but […]

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  • Getting To Know Your DNA? Would You Do It?

    Getting To Know Your DNA? Would You Do It?

    Tweet You may have heard about the fact that DNA analysis is getting better and cheaper at an amazing pace. That has made it possible for more of us to get more information about our DNA. Some order a complete DNA mapping but there are […]

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  • Add a Little Minimalism to Your Diet

    Tweet When we think of minimalism, we often think of getting rid of stuff and perhaps even cutting back on activities. However, it’s a little less common to consider how to create a more minimalist diet. Applying minimalist principles to the way you eat can […]

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  • The world crammed into the density of one city

    Tweet If the world of close to 7 billion had to live like people crammed into one city, this is what it’d look like: Via Daily What Paris is impressively tiny, although New York is no slouch in that department. Seems a little crammed to […]

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  • A Trip To Paradise?

    A Trip To Paradise?

    Tweet I mentioned a few months ago that I was paying a lot more attention to loyalty programs these days.  I’ve followed good advice in signing up for several different hotel, airline and other programs. I’m not joining all of them. But I don’t want […]

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