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  • Ursus Wehrli — Art of the Cleanup

    Tweet   By Ursus Wehrli. Quite striking and sort of appeals to my slight OCD nature (but if you’ve seen me nest while working on a project, you’d think I was the opposite of OCD).       You can see a lot more of […]

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  • Keeping a Lid on It: How to Control Your Anger

    Tweet I’ve long been someone who lets anger build up inside of me. It sometimes strains my relationship with my husband, because I’ll ignore something until I can’t any more. If I have a lot of frustrations building up, I can keep everything (even things […]

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  • My library situation and how I am reading and keeping books

    Tweet I broke down. I gave in to the Apple mothership and purchased an iPad a year ago. My main reasons for choosing the iPad It’s in colour. I read a lot of comic books/manga and it isn’t the same without colour It’s at least […]

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  • Do You Sleep Next To Your Smartphone?

    Tweet I sometimes wonder if our new way of living will have an impact on our health down the road. Think about all of the things that were proven to have negative health effects many years later. Sometimes it was food, medicine, etc. We now […]

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  • When Should You Work Out?

    Tweet You probably know that physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Many people attempt to squeeze the most benefit out of their routines by exercising at certain times of day, convinced that morning exercise is better than exercise at other times […]

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