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  • Eventually, Money as Motivation Isn’t Enough

    Tweet One of the things I noticed recently is that the prospect of more money isn’t enough of a motivation to do something. At some point, money as a motivation just isn’t enough to keep you going, whether it’s sticking to a job you dislike, […]

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  • Minimalist Packaging (Design)

    Minimalist Packaging (Design)

    Tweet I rather like the packaging of those Nutella jars that can be reused as cups afterwards: You just rip off the top and clean it out to use it like a mug. Or keep the top (I don’t know if can be kept) and […]

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  • At Home In A Plane?

    At Home In A Plane?

    Tweet Seeing this picture the first time, I didn’t think too much of it until I understood that this was not a hotel but actually a private cabin in a soon to be launched Etihad airline plane. Can you imagine this? The room has a […]

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  • Consolidating Your Financial Accounts for Better Management

    Tweet Over time, we tend to collect stuff. But we’re often not just collecting stuff; sometimes we’re also collecting other things, like financial accounts. Not too long ago, I realized that I had a plethora of financial accounts, thanks to efforts to get signing bonuses […]

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  • Make a ‘What Not To Buy’ List

    Tweet It just occurred to me the other day when going through my wardrobe and trying to do a heavy purge, that we always make lists of what to buy to fill up our wardrobe and make it complete. Or our lives for that matter. […]

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