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  • 3 Smart Ways to Finance Your Home Business

    Tweet Starting a home-based business doesn’t require falling into debt. Savvy entrepreneurs should explore options to lessen or fully eliminate startup and ongoing costs. Utilizing reward-based crowdfunding, working part-time while maintaining a full-time position or attracting an angel investor are three smart ways to finance […]

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  • Painting Accidents Happen: 5 Ways the Right Insurance Could Save You a World of Headache

    Tweet kadmy/iStock/Getty Images My father-in-law recently turned into a semi-retiree. To continue sustain his lifestyle, he turned one of his passion into his new job: painting. Not an artist style painter. A real painter for houses and buildings! This was a smart minimalist move to […]

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  • Making Better Financial Decisions Now

    Making Better Financial Decisions Now

    Tweet Saving money is not always going to be the easiest of tasks. Life has a way of throwing a surprise expense at you just when you have some extra money in your pocket. Though there is no stopping the parade of time of sweeping […]

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  • Some Hidden Costs Of Home Ownership

    Some Hidden Costs Of Home Ownership

    Tweet If you’re like most people, buying your house is the single largest investment you’ve ever made. While it’s wonderful to have a place of your own, you also have to budget for many unexpected expenses.  There are many hidden costs to home ownership, and […]

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  • How to find the best bargains in London

    Tweet It would be fair to say that we are well and truly in the age of the bargain-hunter. The days of picking up the first thing we see in the shops are long gone – a bit of shopping around is usually needed. In […]

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