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  • Heal Thyself: Insurance is Important for Those Unexpected Injuries

    Tweet   Are you aware there is an insurance policy that can cover you from sudden injuries? Well, personal accident insurance products can prove beneficial when the unexpected happen, and you are desperate for instant help. While it’s impossible to predict accidents, you can always […]

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  • 3 Tricks to Simplify Small Business Finances

    Tweet When you run a small business, simplification and minimalism are key to success. Unfortunately, finances are one area that can quickly get out of hand if not managed correctly. Apply these three tips to your enterprise to help manage finances with minimal hassle and […]

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  • Accepting Debt Relief for What It Is

    Tweet The instant gratification of fast food, fast entertainment and ready accessibility of goods and services has trained us to expect what we want, when we want it. In all fairness, this isn’t a bad thing. There is much to be said for getting the […]

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  • 3 Smart Ways to Finance Your Home Business

    Tweet Starting a home-based business doesn’t require falling into debt. Savvy entrepreneurs should explore options to lessen or fully eliminate startup and ongoing costs. Utilizing reward-based crowdfunding, working part-time while maintaining a full-time position or attracting an angel investor are three smart ways to finance […]

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  • Painting Accidents Happen: 5 Ways the Right Insurance Could Save You a World of Headache

    Tweet kadmy/iStock/Getty Images My father-in-law recently turned into a semi-retiree. To continue sustain his lifestyle, he turned one of his passion into his new job: painting. Not an artist style painter. A real painter for houses and buildings! This was a smart minimalist move to […]

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