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  • How I organize my AwesomeNotes folders

    Tweet To recap, you can read about my love affair with AwesomeNotes for $3.99 in these posts. (Stupid name, great application) I am constantly trying to improve my organizational skills, which means I am always changing my folders, consolidating them, splitting them and trying out […]

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  • Deciding What’s MOST Important

    Tweet One of the things I like best about the minimalist philosophy is that it forces you to really think about what’s most important to you. If you are going to limit your belongings, and stop overscheduling your life, it becomes very clear that you […]

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  • Creative Falling Bookend

    Tweet The simplest things can add the biggest impact (and shot of humour) in any home. There’s no need to go crazy and have cute, kitschy things all over the place. Make them subtle so they have the biggest impact when they’re found!

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  • Is Sleep Over-Rated or Under-Rated?

    Is Sleep Over-Rated or Under-Rated?

    Tweet In the past 5-10 years, my opinion on the amount of sleep that we and especially I need has changed quite a bit. After finishing school, one of the big changes that I noticed when I started working full time was the complete lack […]

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  • Are You Protecting Your Stuff with Renters Insurance?

    Tweet It’s true that one of the tenets of minimalism is that you should be reducing the amount of stuff that you own. However, most of us own at least a few things, so it makes sense to ensure that they are protected. If you […]

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