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  • Quote of the month:  Abraham Lincoln

    Quote of the month:  Abraham Lincoln

    Tweet “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” — Abraham Lincoln

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  • Hold to Minimalist Principles and Don’t Fall for Ads

    Tweet There’s a reason that companies spend millions of dollars on advertising: It works. Even those of us who try to subscribe to minimalist principles can find ourselves falling for the promises in advertising. In fact, just about half of Americans actually trust the advertising […]

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  • Minimalist Art: From 1 sheet of paper

    Tweet Love this! See more here.

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  • Is Life Getting More Complicated Because Of Technology?

    Is Life Getting More Complicated Because Of Technology?

    Tweet I’m a big believer in technology as you probably know by now. All of these online services provide incredible opportunities to connect, discover, live, etc. There’s Also A Drag Ten or twenty years ago, those of us aiming for a simpler, more minimalist lifestyle […]

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  • How to Know if You’re Ready for a Home Loan

    Tweet I’ve got a home loan. At the time my husband and I bought our house, I wasn’t completely sure we were ready for it. However, we are doing just fine right now, with our home loan amounting to less than one-fifth our monthly income. […]

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