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  • Solar-powered Camera Strap: Simple and useful

    Solar-powered Camera Strap: Simple and useful

    Tweet Forgot to charge your camera? No problem, your camera strap will take care of that. This is just a conceptual solution, but I love it when things do double duty. Via Engadget

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  • Decluttering and Clearing Your Mind

    Tweet I’ve noticed that, when I want to think better, it helps to have a decluttered area. I’ve known this for a long time, but sometimes we are treated to reminders about the connection between the clutter in our physical spaces and the clutter in […]

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  • Beautiful graffiti I’d welcome with my arms wide open!

    Beautiful graffiti I’d welcome with my arms wide open!

    Tweet I do find urban graffiti beautiful as well (some of it is incredible), but this 3D, textural take on graffiti takes the cake! Newspaper butterflies flying up and around a fake lamp. It’s such a wonderful idea for even in a home. Something urban […]

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  • How Often Do You Give Compliments?

    Tweet One of the things I’ve been struggling with recently is negativity. As in, I’ve been more negative than I’d like to be. I’ve been trying a few things to get out of this funk, from feeling and expressing gratitude for what I have to […]

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  • Traveling alone and want to take pictures of yourself there? No problem!

    Tweet People can call it strange, but I say brilliant. 🙂 You won’t have to give up the camera to a stranger to take a picture of you (what if they run off with it!?). You won’t have to leave your camera on a timer […]

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