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  • Even Introverts Need Social Interaction

    Tweet In a lot of circles, there’s this impression of the introvert as the loner. However, being an introvert isn’t really about disliking people, or not wanting social interaction. And, to tell the truth, introversion is something that often happens on a continuum, with extroversion […]

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  • Storage under the stairs

    Tweet Making the most of your space is something I really enjoy seeing in interior decorating. I love hanging things on walls to give more storage or hanging storage in closets (like a double rack) to double the space. So when I see these pictures, […]

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  • Making Physical Exercise a Priority

    Tweet I’ve finally reached the point where I make physical exercise a priority. It’s been a long, tough road, with many fits and starts, but it’s finally happened. I finally make sure that I get in some form of physical activity every day — and […]

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  • Seriously, why don’t you have a couch?

    Seriously, why don’t you have a couch?

    Tweet Uttered by my loving sister, of course. I can’t get exasperated with her, because she’s one of those loungers, and having a couch is her be-all and end-all. Credit That’s totally fine by me, but I finally replied back with my list of 10 […]

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  • Allow Yourself to Hit the Reset Button

    Tweet One of our unfortunate tendencies as humans is to hold on to past mistakes, or to beat ourselves up over the way things have been going. As you dwell on this difficulties, and as you berate yourself for not doing what you should have […]

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