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  • Got a small space but love your book collection?

    Tweet Check out this cool “Pocket Library” bookcase. Designer: Argentinean architect Ariel Jacubovich back in 2008 It’s meant for small spaces but they look like book suitcases to me. 🙂 Via Re-Nest

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  • Bringing the Focus Back to People

    Tweet Lately, I’ve had a bit of an epiphany. I’ve let my focus on people slip a little bit, particularly when it comes to my son. My son’s new schoolwork situation has prompted a little self-reflection, as well as the realization that I’ve been letting […]

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  • Feno Folding Laptop

    Tweet How neat would this be? You could have a big screen but store it in less space. It’d be handy for packing/traveling. It has a flexible screen and a CD drive!! Designer: Niels van Hoof Via Popgadget

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  • Do You Incentivize Your Kids for Good Grades?

    Tweet It’s been an interesting couple of months. My son has been adjusting to our move across the country, and he’s started middle school. Overall, he’s been making the adjustments pretty well, but there are still a few hiccups here and there. He did have […]

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  • The Magical Bend Spoon

    Tweet Clever!! I just appreciate good design. 🙂 Via Yanko Design

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