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  • I’ve met myself at my needs

    Tweet The only words I want to be able to really own (one day, some day) is: I’ve met myself at my needs What this all means to me: I don’t need more or less and I am at the sweet spot of stuff. I […]

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  • Want to Get Better Faster? Take a Rest!

    Tweet When I start feeling sick, I have a tendency to try to “power through” whatever it is I’m doing. Unfortunately, that rarely works out as well as I would like. Often all that ends up happening is that I end up unable to properly […]

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  • Got a small space but love your book collection?

    Tweet Check out this cool “Pocket Library” bookcase. Designer: Argentinean architect Ariel Jacubovich back in 2008 It’s meant for small spaces but they look like book suitcases to me. 🙂 Via Re-Nest

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  • Bringing the Focus Back to People

    Tweet Lately, I’ve had a bit of an epiphany. I’ve let my focus on people slip a little bit, particularly when it comes to my son. My son’s new schoolwork situation has prompted a little self-reflection, as well as the realization that I’ve been letting […]

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  • Feno Folding Laptop

    Tweet How neat would this be? You could have a big screen but store it in less space. It’d be handy for packing/traveling. It has a flexible screen and a CD drive!! Designer: Niels van Hoof Via Popgadget

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