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  • Holiday Minimalism: Where Do You Spend Your Time?

    Holiday Minimalism: Where Do You Spend Your Time?

    Tweet When we think of holiday minimalism, many of us think of reducing our expenses through limiting gifts and other forms of consumerism. One of the aspects of holiday minimalism that I like to focus on, though, has more to do with my time. Too […]

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  • Relationship Minimalism: Would You Be Richer as a Single?

    Relationship Minimalism: Would You Be Richer as a Single?

    Tweet Every now and then, when my husband spends money on something that I think is superfluous, I wonder what it would be like if my monthly financial obligations didn’t include him. I’m sure that he thinks something similar when I spend money on something […]

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  • Fighting the Clutter Creep in a New Apartment

    Tweet When we moved across the country, we got rid of a bunch stuff. In fact, we got rid of most of possessions. We knew they wouldn’t fit in the apartment, and we didn’t want to pay the expense related to moving them 2,000 miles […]

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  • Avoid the Crowds on Black Friday

    Tweet One of the practices that has practically become a Thanksgiving tradition is shopping on Black Friday. How often have you gone out on Black Friday, lining up to attempt to get a great deal or try to get all of your shopping done? However, […]

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  • Will Smith’s $1.8 million-dollar mobile home

    Tweet THIS is living in style. Minimalist? Perhaps not, but it’s mobile, which is very appealing to me. It’s a two-floor luxury trailer to relax in as well. At 55-feet long, it has a marble staircase, “100-inch HDTV, a lounge, a master bedroom, personalized gym […]

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