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  • My Minimalist Exercise Plan

    My Minimalist Exercise Plan

    Tweet There have been periods in my life in which I was not that active, although I’ve always liked to be. I’m glad to notice that it’s been about three years that I would now really consider myself to be an active person. I never […]

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  • Managing Anger at Your Kids

    Tweet One of the issues I’ve had recently is anger directed toward my son. Until recently, my son and I have got along really well. But now he’s 12, and in middle school. We’ve moved across the country, and he is asserting his independence. There […]

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  • Returning to Meditation for Productivity and Health

    Tweet The last few months have been very hectic for me. As a result, I’ve been finding excuses not to meditate. Most of the excuses revolve around being “too busy” to make the time. However, as I’ve reviewed my productivity and my health the last […]

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  • Tips for Simplifying Your Finances in the New Year

    Tweet When it comes to setting money goals, many people overlook the benefits of simplifying their finances. However, one of the best ways to stay on top of your finances for the coming year is to simplify them. As you consider your goals for the […]

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  • Do You Buy Brands that “Do Good”?

    Tweet When it comes to minimalism, one of the reasons given for making efforts to live with less is the “good” it does. From reducing your carbon footprint to cutting back on consumerism, many feel that applying minimalist principles in their lives can help make […]

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