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  • Minimalist Trip to the Extreme: Cycling Trips

    Tweet Since this blog started out back in 2009, traveling has always been an important part of it. Last summer, my spinning classes raised interest in cycling for me. I was curious to see what type of trips could be made on a bike and […]

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  • 7 Tasty Products the World is Running Out Of

    Tweet I’m an epicurean. I very much enjoy eating! No wonder I had to set myself a minimalist training plan! 😉 I’m always open to new culinary experiences, new flavors or recipes. I’m also a part-time vegetarian. I like the taste of meat, but some […]

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  • Happiness is Found in Experiences

    Tweet A friend of mine shared with me this Atlantic article: Buy Experiences, Not Things. It explains the results of a recent study that shows people tend to be happier when they buy, wait, live, or think about experiences rather than things. Sure, a new […]

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  • Hacking Life

    Hacking Life

    Tweet Last week, I watched this video of a young teenager, Logan LaPlante, explaining his “hackschooling”. You can watch it below, but in case you can’t access it, here is the overview. At age 9, Logan’s parents pulled him out of traditional school to have […]

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  • Houses and Development: My Three Main Concerns

    Tweet I live in everything but a minimalist surrounding. It’s a shame for a minimalist blogger, I know. No one’s perfect! 😉 Still, I’m really concerned about the housing development that might start just behind our house. Some might think it’s only for my personal […]

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