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  • Moving to Green Personal Care: Possible?

    Moving to Green Personal Care: Possible?

    Tweet   For my son’s first birthday last month, I decided to shop his birthday gift at the green store nearby. I knew they had some nice wooden toys or at least no battery ones. I also knew they had green baby products, like washable […]

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  • How Much of My Budget Should Go Towards Entertainment?

    How Much of My Budget Should Go Towards Entertainment?

    Tweet How much of our living should go towards living life to the fullest? We are said to have an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How much of every dollar should we devote to the pursuit of happiness? If we […]

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  • Things Nobody Would Tell You About Credit Repair

    Tweet How do you fix your credit when you’re broke? That’s an interesting question, and a question many are concerned with. Whether you’ve had major budget problems last year, or you let many credit payments slip through, repairing your credit is not only important, it’s […]

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  • Being a Feminist And a Masculinist?

    Being a Feminist And a Masculinist?

    Tweet It’s no secret that I live in Canada, an open-minded modern society who preaches equal rights for women and men. I’m proud to be part of a country in which it is possible for most women to enter the job they want. There still […]

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  • Freelancers: Why Pajamas are Your Worst Enemy

    Tweet When I started working from home a couple years ago, one of the sentences I heard the most was “Wow, you can even work in your pajamas!” I did it once and never repeated it. Why?   The Catch Me if You Can Principle […]

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