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  • Gadgets that can really save you Money

    Tweet Minimalism offers you many ways to be creative with what you already have. Getting the most out of a gadget or home appliance can be both an earth saver, time saver and money saver. You don’t need technical translation services to read the minimalist’s […]

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  • 4 Ways for a Beginner to Start a Diversified Portfolio

    4 Ways for a Beginner to Start a Diversified Portfolio

    Tweet A lot of people never invest. They might want to, but there are a lot of reasons to feel like investment isn’t for you. Maybe you don’t have very much money to contribute; you feel like it’ll never amount to anything. Maybe the whole […]

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  • Top 15 Ingredients of a Minimalist Pantry

    Top 15 Ingredients of a Minimalist Pantry

    Tweet Even though I can still consider myself “young”, it’s been more than a decade since I left my parents’ home. During these years, I’ve learned many cooking tips, especially how to make decent, balanced meals with what I have – and sometimes, I didn’t […]

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  • Simple is the new sexy: How to simplify your gadgetry and your back end

    Tweet No, I’m not talking about your butt. The current design all of us are using is perfect as it is. I’m talking about simplicity and how to apply some of it to your business and gadgetry.   Minimalism Being a minimalist, I embrace simplicity. […]

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  • I Got the Cup!

    Tweet Last week, I wrote about green personal care that I discovered and wanted to try out. Because I received positive comments about the DivaCup, I’ve decided to try it out as soon as… well, it was time! 😉 Masculine readers, this will be a girl talk! […]

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