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  • Another take on simplification

    Another take on simplification

    Tweet Sometimes we just need to cut down on the drama in our lives as well. Via FFFFound

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  • A minimalist’s shoe

    A minimalist’s shoe

    Tweet Apparently when you put your foot on it and stand up, your foot spreads out and it is an actual shoe. Shown from Toe to Heel. Via Gizmodo

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  • Amazing Church converted into a bookstore

    Amazing Church converted into a bookstore

    Tweet Instead of filling it with stuff and taking away the focus from the already-present architecture, they kept it plain, simple and minimalist. I thought it was a library at first. Via Boing Boing. Read more about it here.

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  • Low-cost, minimalist bookends

    Low-cost, minimalist bookends

    Tweet You could put any kind of design you wanted on these bookends. Find out how they made them here with a brick and some paper.

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  • How to become more productive

    How to become more productive

    Tweet Effective, Efficient and Productive. Think about those words for a second. Do they all mean the same thing to you? (It’s okay if it does.) Here are the simple definitions Efficient: You are Speedy Gonzales when it comes to doing something. Effective: You prioritize […]

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