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  • Blend into your surroundings

    Blend into your surroundings

    Tweet Minimalism at its finest? There is absolutely no extra visual clutter, when these installations are done! Liu Bolin blends into his surroundings with each art installation taking up to 10 hours of painstaking work. This one is my FAVOURITE. I couldn’t even see him […]

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  • How to create a Minimalist Home Part 1

    How to create a Minimalist Home Part 1

    Tweet What do Minimalist Homes look like? It’s all in the details. Instead of having lots of everything, minimalism focuses on having fewer things, but in higher quality or with sentimental value. It’s the quality and the subtle pattern in the of the seemingly plain […]

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  • Getting rid of Paper Clutter

    Getting rid of Paper Clutter

    Tweet Some of you (okay, maybe just me) may have had a problem with stacking papers all over a table and losing it when you need it the most. Where the papers should be Those papers should have a place, either in your office, filed […]

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  • Saturday Project: Learning how to do what you value the most

    Saturday Project: Learning how to do what you value the most

    Tweet Today’s Saturday Project is to reflect on what you’ve committed or over-committed yourself to doing in your life. Maybe you have all of  your commitments in one place, and your ish is totally together. But maybe, you’ve said Yes one too many times and […]

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  • A Dual Purpose Bracelet

    Tweet Via Swiss Miss.

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