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  • The Environmental Impact Hidden in Your Smartphone

    Tweet It was back in 2011 and I was totally in love with my new smartphone! I was all excited by the color, the shape and all it could do and I thought it was about time to get a phone with bluetooth so I […]

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  • Learning how to make smart investments for good returns

    Tweet If you are in a position to start your own investment portfolio, you are perhaps in need of a little advice right about now; the world of investments can be a daunting, confusing, and downright alien one, filled with jargon, difficult decisions, and risk. […]

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    Yeonmi Park’s Speech and Taking So Much For Granted

    Tweet Last Sunday, I opened up my Facebook to see what was new. Some words caught my attention: “Hell exists”. That was linked to a video. Quite impossible to not wonder what it was all about, right? I didn’t expect that. A charming young woman […]

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  • Cool Design on The Cheap: Hacking Things!

    Cool Design on The Cheap: Hacking Things!

    Tweet Let’s be honest, I’ve be highly inspired for this post by this BuzzFeed round up of 31 Brilliant Ikea Hacks Every Parent Should Know. Have a look, but come back as I will share some pictures here as well! 😉   The Concept of […]

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  • Destroying A Taboo

    Destroying A Taboo

    Tweet I prefer advising you upfront: this post will be quite personal. It’s a general topic. It’s something I think we will all be facing at least one time in our life. It still is something very personal, very touching. I’m talking about cancer and […]

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