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  • Communicate With an Agent to Save More on Your Policy

    Tweet One of the smartest investments you could ever make involves you speaking with an insurance agent in Glendale. Speaking with an agent allows you to have a more personable experience so that you can customize your insurance policy so that it meets your needs. […]

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  • The Environmental Impact Hidden in Your Smartphone

    Tweet It was back in 2011 and I was totally in love with my new smartphone! I was all excited by the color, the shape and all it could do and I thought it was about time to get a phone with bluetooth so I […]

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  • Learning how to make smart investments for good returns

    Tweet If you are in a position to start your own investment portfolio, you are perhaps in need of a little advice right about now; the world of investments can be a daunting, confusing, and downright alien one, filled with jargon, difficult decisions, and risk. […]

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    Yeonmi Park’s Speech and Taking So Much For Granted

    Tweet Last Sunday, I opened up my Facebook to see what was new. Some words caught my attention: “Hell exists”. That was linked to a video. Quite impossible to not wonder what it was all about, right? I didn’t expect that. A charming young woman […]

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  • Cool Design on The Cheap: Hacking Things!

    Cool Design on The Cheap: Hacking Things!

    Tweet Let’s be honest, I’ve be highly inspired for this post by this BuzzFeed round up of 31 Brilliant Ikea Hacks Every Parent Should Know. Have a look, but come back as I will share some pictures here as well! 😉   The Concept of […]

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