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  • Labels are Not For People… brought to you by?

    Tweet   I usually don’t like making “free” advertisements here if they are not directly related to you readers, but this time I will. For only one reason: it is a very beautiful social message. Before I say more, I invite you to watch the […]

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  • Minimalist Healthy Snacks for the Summer

    Tweet So there it is! Vacations are on their way, yippee! I was not rushed for them up until today as we’re leaving Saturday for a one week getaway to Cape Cod. The East Coast might not be paradise for some, but for us, living […]

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  • When Was the Last Time You Felt Passionate?

    Tweet Last Monday, I went back to the stable for a horse-riding lesson. I have been riding for 20 years! I had to stop for a while because of slight health issues. As soon as I had my doctor’s approval for a soft comeback, I […]

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  • Kids Won’t Change You…

    Tweet True or false? That is a good question that I’ve been asking myself for a couple days. I guess both answers are right. Having kids did change me, a lot. Daily routine has clearly gone through many stages, priorities have changed, values have been […]

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  • What is Your Inner Schedule and How to Make it Work

    Tweet   Your inner schedule relates to your best productivity period(s) in a day. Are you an early bird? Do you prefer waking up slow and work during the afternoon? You might also be the night type: getting productive while others sleep.   What is […]

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