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  • Big impacts: How to make a striking impression at work

    Big impacts: How to make a striking impression at work

    Tweet It doesn’t matter who you are, we all want to make that next step in our working environment. Sometimes this is because of the prestige of a new job title, but more often than not it is because of the salary benefits that you […]

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  • 3 Ways You Can Prepare for an Emergency

    Tweet According to the most recent data, 80 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. If you spend all of your earnings to pay for your immediate necessities, your finances are in a precarious position. All it takes for them to crumble is one unexpected […]

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  • Tips for Becoming a Minimalist Entrepreneur

    Tips for Becoming a Minimalist Entrepreneur

    Tweet Minimalism is the idea that less is more. Whether it be taking a minimalistic approach to the things they have, only keeping and buying the essentials, or adopting a minimalist approach when it comes to the way they live by moving into a tiny […]

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  • Digital Activities to Try in 2019

    Tweet Photo by Pixabay / Public Domain   In this technology-driven era, there’s no escaping the fact that the internet has made the transition to minimalist living a lot easier. These days, we’d have a hard time finding some everyday activity that we can’t improve […]

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  • Excellent Financial Habits to Minimize Your Debt

    Tweet Debt itself isn’t anything to be scared of, but there are some telltale signs your debt has gotten out of control. If you’re making only minimum payments, late payments, or no payments at all and creditors are calling you and maybe even garnishing your […]

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