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  • Help to Migrants: 5 Ways to Make a Difference

    Help to Migrants: 5 Ways to Make a Difference

    Tweet Probably like millions of people, I was sadly shocked by little Aylan’s picture last week and broke down in tears. I know you’ve probably read and heard his name thousands of times. I’m sorry that I brought it on once again to you. The […]

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  • Quote of the Day: Our Patience Will Achieve More than Our Force

    Tweet   A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how having kids won’t change you. Well, it seems that, sometimes, hard efforts turn into results. This morning, my oldest kid buttoned up his shirt alone, made his bed, and tidied up his bedroom. This morning […]

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  • Minimalism is Also an Iceberg!

    Tweet It’s not the first time that I see this image going by. However, it resonated to me more this morning. As much as I consider myself lucky for all that I am and have, I also know it didn’t totally come out of nowhere. […]

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  • Decluttering Baby Stuff When Still Expecting

    Tweet So I’m at it again! Baby #3 is on its way for January and that means more stuff to come in. Not a big thing, as we already have it all with the boys, but if it’s a girl then I’m in trouble! 😉 […]

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  • Happiness: Simple VS Extraordinary

    Happiness: Simple VS Extraordinary

    Tweet This week I took (another) break from my spinning classes. At times, it is harder to keep up the pace. Its one of these periods for me. But that’s another story… What’s important is that kids were away that night so we decided to […]

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