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  • Quote of the Month: Some People are So Poor All They Have is Money

    Tweet -Patrick Meagher I wanted to bring back the “Quotes of the Month” for some time, but always lacked time to really put myself into it. Time has now come! 😉 I thought this one was perfect for a minimalist blog and for the year […]

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  • 3 Steps to Optimize Your Office Workflow

    Tweet We’ve all been there before: a cluttered workspace, files in disarray, chaos encroaching on our work. Once this scenario takes hold, it becomes more difficult to get some quality work done and the result can be catastrophic. You may be wondering how other people […]

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  • Why To Celebrate Christmas

    Tweet Over the years, our dear Christmas has lost some of its meaning. It slowly turned into an event of over consumption. Santa Claus and Christmas gifts have turned this originally religious celebration into wasted paper wraps and material accumulation. Nothing very attractive for a […]

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  • The Little Pleasures That Make Me Feel Rich

    Tweet Part of being a minimalist is enjoying simple things. Not necessarily cheap things, but simple and in the moment. When I’m experiencing one of these little pleasures, I feel full. Satisfied. Complete. And because I am truly feel grateful about such a life, I’ve […]

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  • Introducing Kids to Paying It Forward

    Tweet As a minimalist mom, I don’t like my kids to accumulate belongings as if it were their due. I would like them to realize how lucky they are to have so much. I also don’t like the accumulation part, period. My oldest is now […]

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