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  • How to Effectively Minimise your Debts in 2016

    How to Effectively Minimise your Debts in 2016

    Tweet   Debts have a nasty habit of piling up on one another. When one of them starts getting out of control, the others tend to follow suit as you try to adjust your repayments to keep all of the plates spinning. Unfortunately this way […]

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  • Setting Up a Personal Budget Spreadsheet for 2016

    Tweet Every New Year we set ourselves goals to complete over the next 12 months. Many of our New Year resolutions are targeted at making ourselves to the best we can be. With money being an issue for most people it’s always a good idea […]

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  • Quote of the Month: Nelson Mandela

    Tweet Nelson Mandela is a great inspiration to me. I was born Catholic. Still consider myself to be. But I’ve rejected many prejudices that were – supposedly – part of my religion or culture or nationality. I believe in the human. I admire human’s resilience […]

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  • Sports: Letting Go of The Bad Pressure

    Sports: Letting Go of The Bad Pressure

    Tweet If you follow me regularly on this blog, you know that I value physical activity in my life. I think practicing a sport or a physical activity truly helps being balanced psychologically and emotionally, as well as keeping a body healthy. However, performance is […]

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  • 2015 Review: Top 15 EM Posts

    Tweet For the last 2015 post on Everyday Minimalist, I thought about doing a Review of The Year. I really enjoyed writing here for the whole year and wanted to thank you for being loyal to the site. Thank’s also to all those who have […]

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