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  • Ensuring Your Home Improvements Really Are An Improvement

    Tweet   Are you thinking of making some home improvements? Great! But before you start shopping around for contractors or DIY supplies, there are a few things you should consider. Home improvements can either be one of the best uses of your time, money and […]

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  • Quote of The Month: Eleanor Roosevelt

    Tweet One question to start with: Which Mind Are You? Well, to be real honest, I can be the three. Sometimes I’m nothing but a small mind. I sure want to change that. I don’t like seeing myself as a gossip woman… Although sometimes discussing […]

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  • Being Broke and Dealing with Life Investments

    Tweet Living outside of your means often leads to poor investment behaviors and frivolous spending. If you are broke, it is time to make adjustments to both your investments and spending habits. Working with a financial advisor will help you to concentrate your monies to […]

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  • Quote of the Month: I know Nothing

    Tweet This one is powerful to me. I must admit it shocked me a little. Despite my “young” age, I’ve been through a lot of difficult times in my life and think I’ve learned a lot from them. Sure I don’t know all. Never pretended […]

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  • How to Achieve a Minimalist Office Environment but Keep all the Right Peripherals

    Tweet If you work from home or in a big business having a clear desk helps to have a clear head to get work done more efficiently. According to a survey around 90 per cent of employees and business owners believe cluttered desks and disorganization […]

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